Magic at your finger tips

If you always enjoy magic on TV, dare to live the real experience right next to you.

Enjoy some close up magic, on your own hands, share it with the people you are with, and you will realice that the closer you look, the less you see, and the more you enjoy it.

A perfect plan to entertain your guess in a casual way that fits perfect to your timing and place.

It doesn´t matter the size of your event, but the memory you want to leave to your guess.

If you want to know how to hire this service, get in touch with Zelig here.


If you want something more than just have fun in a show, if you are looking for excitement and deep emotional connections, to feel that you are in an adventure and believe that magic is real…

Maybe we should sail into the deep misteryes that reside inside us.

So if you dare to live that what is called “Mentalism”, take the first step right now and get in touch with Zelig here.

Magic is all around us

If you are looking to fulfill your event with emotions, mystery and surprises. And don´t want to be rushing, so everyone can enjoy at their own pace, everything that magic and mentalism can offer. The maybe we should expand the experience to the whole event, in a more relax and enjoyable experience.

Its been said that what matter is not the special moments we live, but the ones we share.

So stop watching at your clock, just sit down, relax and enjoy the show. Let Zelig take care of everything for you, just get in touch with Zelig here.

Premium Services

Zelig is not just a performer, he also design and develop custom magic moments.
if you want a personalized part of the show aim to someone or something special, or work on a subject.
Get in touch with Zelig to design in with him, your own magical experience.
If you want to hire this service or get more info just get in touch with Zelig here.